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FUT Technique

What is FUT Technique?

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation refers to a process of hair transplantation through surgery. Also known as ‘strip harvesting’, the process is carried out by extraction of follicular units, which are also called grafts, from areas of the scalp having permanent hair growth (donor area). The follicular units or grafts contain 1-4 hairs, which provide you with a natural look unlike the traditional hair transplant procedures. Moreover, people tend to have a preference for FUT as transplantation of a large number of follicular units is possible in only one session of the procedure.

How is FUT performed?

Step 1:  A strip of the scalp known as flap is removed from the donor area. The width and length of the flap and the site from where it will be removed is determined beforehand.

Step 2: The first step leaves behind an open wound in the site from where the flap is removed. This wound in the donor area is stitched up with a suture.

Step 3: The cutting of the strip into pieces to obtain grafts of requisite diameter is done.

Step 4: Creation of reception sites using needles or scalpels and implanting the extracted grafts in them in done.

Advantages of FUT

  • It requires less number of sittings to cover large areas of the scalp   suffering from baldness
  • Transplanting up to 4000 follicular units in a single session can be done using the FUT technique, which makes it a preferred as well as economical option for most patients.
  • The hair follicles transplanted through FUT have more chances of survival in comparison to other hair transplantation techniques.
  • People who possess less amount of hair in the donor area can also opt for FUT.

FUT vs. FUE technique

FUT and FUE are the two most popular hair transplantation techniques being used currently. They can be compared under the following parameters:

  • Pain management

Though both techniques are associated with simple processes, the recovery time and discomfort experienced after FUT have mostly been reported to be more in comparison to FUE. This mostly happens as FUE does not leave behind any linear scars or involve any stitches.

  • Costs

Hair transplantation cost depends on the number of grafts transplanted and per graft transplantation price is higher for FUE. FUE always proves to be more expensive owing to its nature of removing each follicular unit individually.

  • Scarring

No linear scars are left behind by FUE; the only tiny wounds associated with this process are the tiny puncture marks which take merely 3-7 days to heal. On the other hand, after completion of FUT, a thin linear scar is usually left behind. It is easy to conceal this scar but the patient cannot opt for a very short hairstyle till it heals.



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