Mega Sessions


What is a Mega Session?

Mega session refers to a kind of hair transplant process which involves the usage of huge numbers of micro grafts in just one session. Most hair transplant procedures can usually transplant up to 2000 grafts in one sitting unlike a mega session, which is associated with transplantation of 3000 to 4500 grafts. Mega sessions are usually performed using the strip procedure, but the FUE technique can also be used. However, a strip procedure ensures transplantation of a greater number of hairs in a single sitting.

Advantages of Mega Sessions:

  • Mega session gives the patient the convenience of completing the hair transplant procedure in a single session rather than multiple sessions
  • The intended result can be achieved in a shorter amount of time which reduces the cost of the treatment
  • The number of surgeries are less in this procedure, which in turn leads to reduced scarring

Things you need to know about mega sessions:

  • A mega session generally requires a doctor to perform the surgery for about 8 to 12 hours
  • While performing the surgeries it is very important to keep the temperature in control and hydrate the grafts to increase their chances of survival
  • To ensure that the surgery remains absolutely safe for the patient, his/her levels of oxygen in the blood, ECG/EKG, pulse rates and blood pressure is continuously checked
  • A limitation associated with mega sessions is that patients who are suffering from advanced patterns of hair loss cannot get full scalp coverage in a single sitting due availability of lesser donor area


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